Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm bored with food. I think I have an eating disorder.

I go to the grocery store and I wander up and down the isles aimlessly.

I know what I can get Rich that he'll eat and love...but I have no idea what to get for myself. So here's what happens, I end up with strawberry applesauce, cottage cheese, hawaiian rolls and welch's juice popcicles. When I get home at night, nothing sounds good, except Taco Bell. I'm surviving on this small variety of food, with little to no desire for anything else. It's been like this for several weeks now.

So here's what I need from you guys.....what are your favorite foods? What do you crave? What tastes good after a hard day's work?

I need help!


s-hooks said...

Ok-you asked the right person for this subject!!!!!

See I'm usually like you when I'm not pregnant, so I can totally sympathize! One time I left Kroger with $100 worth of only milk, cheese and condiments!!

I used to skip the deli section of the grocery, but not any more. Try something new there. I've been getting sweet broccoli salad lately. It's yummy.

Here are a few other things I've been getting lately.

ff pudding cups (which I haven't had for years until last Friday-thanks Grammy!)
dannon cherry yogurt
lipton rice (add chicken)
frozen ravioli (easy to fix)
coles small garlic bread (frozen)
kroger brand whole wheat waffles
trail mix (m&m's,almonds,peanuts, raisins)
whole wheat penne pasta (with grilled chicken and alfredo-yum!)

Some things I haven't gotten for a while:
soup (soup is boring me to death!)
stuff to make nachos, potato skins, and that refried bean tex-mex dip.

I've also made biscuits and gravy for dinner a few times and oven fried chicken-it's easy. Sloppy joes--hamburger and two bigs squirts of ketchup and mustard. :)And, hello pb&j! I love pb&j!

You know what is really filling? cold chocolate skim milk made with Hershey's syrup. I can have that for a meal if I want. And if I drink too much, I barf! <--BONUS! JJ!

I'm anxious to see what everybody else suggests!!


boneman said...

OK. This is the FAMILY SECRET recipe, so, don't tell anyone about it....
Get whatever piece of chicken is your favorite, legs are mine cause you don't really need a fork to eat with, but whatever piece is your favorite, get a couple.
Get a skillet plenty hot enough to "sparkle" when you toss the chicken in (use just a very little bit of oil) and brown all sides quickly. Now add a 1/4 cup wine, season with salt and pepper, cover skillet with a lid, turn the fire down to real low, set the timer for an hour and some, go take a shower.
Relax comfortably, letting the water wash away the troubles of the day. Sprinkle in some smelly stuff if you need to, but, just be careful if yer showering. It gets slippery, sometimes if you got smellies know, like oils and such. Maybe you should change to a bath, but whatever works for you best, relax and forget work.
When the beeper goes off, check to make sure the chicken ain't burnt. If it is, you had the heat up too high (I said low...) and you just have to tell Rich he has to take you out to eat. And buy some chocolate.
If the chicken is doing OK, then open a can of corn or peas, drain the liquid, and pour the veggies over the chicken, set the timer fer about ten minutes, set a plate, and remember, relax.
Beeper rings, yer chowing down.

Optionals, instead of wine, you can use a quarter cup of italian dressing (clear, not creamy) and same as above.

Happy eating.

Rosie said...

I eat what ever I can find.

I don't go to lunch until 1:10p.m. everyday so I'm not hungry at all when I actually get home about 6:00p.m.

The girls get off the bus at my mom's house so I'm there until 6.

So by the time I do get home I am a little hungry but for something not heavy like maybe a hand full of mini Marshmallows, PB&J and a glass of milk, a hot pocket I like the broccoli, chicken and cheese or like tonight the girls wanted Grand Biscuits I only ate 1.

But If I had it more I would eat some home made fruit salad no cool whip just plain fruit all my FAV's.

Sometimes my mom sends us home with food that she has made, but that just depends if Brent and the girls will eat it.

allison said...

My turn......

One of my favorite easy meals is Jambalaya.
I just buy a package of Zatarain's Jambalaya mix and some smoked sausage.
The box says to cook the meat right in with the rice mix, but I like to cook it in a skillet with lots of extra cajun seasoning first and then add it. Also, i prefer to add a can of fancy dark red kidney beans. Quick and easy, but very filling.
Kroger and Wal -mart carry these pre seasoned pork roasts that are fantastic. I like the teriyaki kind the best, but they have others too. Just stick it in the oven and bake for about 20 minutes per pound...they're delicious!!
I've also cooked ham steaks a lot lately. Just a little water and brown sugar in a skillet, and you're all set..another easy meal!!

As far as snacks go, I'm totally addicted to making my own tortilla chips now. If you have a little time to play in the kitchen, it's fun AND delicious!! Just take some corn tortillas and cut them in fourths and fry them in oil until they get a little bubbled up and browned, flip 'em once and drain them in a collander with a paper don't want to lose all the grease. Salt them to taste while the grease is still a little hot so the salt will with some good hot salsa ( some of that stuff Rosie used to send home with Dad would be perfect!!)
I'm also addicted to cereal at night...the more sugar, the better!!
Hot Pockets and frozen burritos with lots of cheese melted over them always work for me too!!!
Let us know when you find a good resolution!!

Andrea said...

This really helped!! Thanks for lots of good ideas!