Friday, January 20, 2006

Where are all my peeps at?

Is blogging a thing of the past?
Am I behind the curve instead of ahead of the curve?
All my peeps have stopped bloggin' with me.

Blog detox is no fun!


s-hooks said...

Sorry dudes, I do have an excuse though. Our home computer is not hooked up right now, and I've been using Craig's work laptop-which I hate-to get connected. I'm waiting for Craig to get us all set up. We got a computer desk/armoire set up in the living room now, so hopefully we'll be back in business this weekend sometime.

I did post on my blog tonight-finally!

allison said...

I'm officially back from the flu from HELL, so you can count me in for awhile again!!

I'm off work for the next couple days, but I'l be back bloggin' away come Friday!!!

Love Ya Cuz!!!!

allison said...

I keep telling Jenny she needs to start a blog, but I think she thinks we're all just a bunch of geeks or something!!!

Andrea said...

I've never been more in touch with you guys!! I love our blogs!!!

Rosie said...

Me 2, That how I get to know what is going on with everyone. I only see some of you on Thanksgiving and Christmas and Mother's day at grammy's so I love your Blogs.