Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Giant Easy Bake Oven.....The SET IT AND FORGET IT

I got Rich the Ronco Set it and Forget it Countertop Rotisserie. WE LOVE IT! Of course that's no surprise - we love all "As seen on TV" things. This little rotisserie can cook up a chicken breast (thigh, leg, whatever) in less than an hour! AND ..... flavor you ask?
Well it's GREAT!!!!
In fact, I think the Set it and Forget it is just a giant easy bake oven. As you can see from this picture, there's an electric thing in the back that heats up and that's what cooks your food. A light comes on so you can constantly see how it's doing.

If you're looking for a quick way to cook food and still have tons of flavor - you need the set it and forget it!


Rosie said...

That looks good! Was it tasety? That would be good in winter, Brent like to Cook out alot in the summer just think of what he can cook all winter to!!! I would never have to cook again!!

Andrea said...

It's so good I can't even tell you!!! The outside of the chicken gets golden brown and the inside is juicy and tender.


allison said...

Thanks, I'm hungry now!!!!

s-hooks said...

Mmmmm. When can we come over for some chicken?

Have you cooked anything else in it?

Andrea said...

We made meatball kabobs - yes meatball kabobs. We didn't have any other kind of meat except hamburger. Rich wanted kabobs, so we made meatballs. He said they were good. I didn't try em.

We tried to make fish in it but flaked all over the place.

Rich wants to make a whole chicken in it I want to try ribs.