Monday, October 24, 2005

Ever wish YOU could appear on a real stamp? Since most commemorative stamps only come out AFTER you die - were you not willing to pay the price just to get your face on a stamp?


Now is your chance to have your very own real U.S. stamps, courtesy of Yahoo Pictures.

You select the picture you want on the stamp, send it through the Yahoo photos process and a few days later you'll get your very own, real U.S. stamps in the mail - with your beautiful mug shot right there for everyone to see!!!

How cool is that?


Rosie said...

That would be cool. I would put on the stamp the girls when they were oh so young and innocent and still in papers. Or the dog (Sophie)

Andrea said...

Doesn't Ari-Baby need his very own stamp for Christmas cards?

s-hooks said...

That would be so sweet! Love it!