Friday, October 28, 2005

Anyone want to hear my eyebrow waxing horror story?

Ok, Ok, I know some of you know the beginning of the tail.....for the slow people I'll start at the beginning.

Get my eyebrows waxed (as I always do) about 12 weeks ago. She pinches me with the eyebrown wax "roller-on-er". OUCH, I think to myself but think nothing more of it.

Later, I notice a small bump - tiny I'd say in comparision of what's to come. I look at the bump and think to myself - great a zit.

The zit never comes - and the bump doesn't go away or come to a head. Next thing I know, I have a knot above my eyebrow. And it's getting bigger all the time!

So about 4 weeks go by. The knot is there. It hurts. It's BIG. I'm sick of it. I visit my general doctor - who at this point probably thinks I'm nuts for coming to see her with a bump on an eyebrow. So what? It hurt dang it and it was way too close to my eye and brain for my comfort.

She says it's a sack of blood. GROSS, I'm thinking silently. The Doc says - "It'll disolve on it's own...give it time." So patient as I am, I wait .... and I wait. And I wait. Still the bump is there - and dare I say it's getting bigger - not smaller.

Now - TWELVE stinkin' weeks after the "alleged" incident...this sucker is killing me. I mean I have an extremely high tolerance for pain but this sucker about knocks me off my feet.

That was Monday. I've got to go to a dermatologist - so I convince myself & make the appointment. I see him on Wednesday this week.

He comes in. Looks at the now boil like object above my eyebrow and says with a horrified look on his face.....that's an abscess and it's so infected I won't touch it today. You need the strongest antibiotic and you need alot of it. So take 3 of these 500 mil. pills every day and come back to see me on Monday.

Thank God I went. The bump, that turned into a lump, that turned into a boil like object that turned into an eraser sized puss volcano finally erupted yesterday.

It's fair to say it was probably the most disgusting thing that ever happened to me to date - in all my 40 years. I mean, other than me, who do you know that's ever had a face abscess?

So girls the moral of this story is....there really is a high price to beauty & Beauty is more than skin deep.

My advice to you? Tweeze. Don't wax.

I can prove damages. I sure had pain and suffering. And I have 3 Doctor bills to prove I have expenses.

Girls.......I ask you, is this the get rich quick scheme I've been waiting for all of my life?

Should I call Keller and Keller? Vaughn Wamsley? Roni Deutch?

Your input will be invaluable as always!!

P.S. I have pictures of the puss ball on my face - if you'd like to see them, let me know, I'll post them here


s-hooks said...

Ok, YES I want to see them and OH MY GOODNESS I can't believe you had a boil on your face!

I just emailed you about this and I had no idea it was that bad!

You better get rich quick (well, you already have one!) After all you've been through I think you need the sound advice of Kellar&Kellar da-DUM! Ooo, if it scars you'll get even more $!

I have a solution for you: do the waxing yourself! I do, and it's easy! I've never been to the dr. as a result, and it's cheap! Of course, Avon sells a product for this. I haven't used theirs yet, but I will be getting it soon.

Take care of that head!

Andrea said...

I'm actually afraid to wax again. My stylist and eyebrow murderer is on maternity leave.

The new person cutting my hair said she wouldn't wax my eyebrows if I paid her 5 times her asking price.....not that I asked her to, cause I sho-nuff didn't.

allison said...

WOW...what a pain...and yes, I DO want to see the pictures. You know I love that gory stuff!!!

As far as waxing goes, I probably need it more than any of you with those HUGE eyebrows I got from Dad, but believe it or not, even though I like pain, I'm scared to death of the WAX!!!!

I do have to tweeze quite often, or I look like Burt from Sesame Street with the BIG UNIBROW!!!!

Rosie said...

I have only WAXED once when I was 12 and have NEVER done it again. I oh so TWEEZE!!!

boneman said...

Oh what the heck. Have it carefully taken off, give it a name and you have that "pet" you've always wanted without having to worry about your allergies....