Friday, June 24, 2005

Informercials and Rich

Had to go to Louisville last night for a conference today. So Melanie, Cathy and I took off last night and stopped at the outlet mall on our way down. Got Rich the "Betty Crocker Bake and Fill" cake pan he's been wanting since seeing the infomercial. Have you seen it? It's pretty cool. We'll let you know if it works!

Rich loves just about anything from an infomercial or home shopping channels. If it's on an infomercial, QVC or HSN - it's as good as sold. He wants
  • that really expensive multi-position folding ladder
  • the smart spin plastic spinning container thing
  • the flip and grip AND the scoop and strain
  • any giant knife set on HSN
  • any coin set on HSN

As proof of his undying love for as sold on tv junk, here's a list of things we currently own:
  • the gazelle (actually this was probably our best infomercial purchase)
  • a cheaper version of the Bowflex
  • the cold heat soldering thing
  • space bags
  • those microshaver things
  • we bought Grammy the "Owl" credit card sized magnifying glass w/light
(there's probably more, but that's all I can think of)

He's a nut!


s-hooks said...

oh yes! i would give my right chia pet for the scoop and strain! or what about that chicken rotisserie thing, "just set it, and forget it!" my dad's got that. i think it's in his basement. that's where he set it and forgot it!!!!

allison said...

I hope I get Rich's name for Christmas!!! Now shopping will be easy, right from my couch!!!!

Rosie said...

He needs to make his own birthday cake up this year and bring it over so we can see if he did a good job.

boneman said...

Wonder if you still check these....?

If so, the George Foremen Grill is a great way to cook two pork steaks in very little time. I don't own one, but had visited a fraend of mine in FW and his wife cooked up the steaks, and trust me on this, she normally has to get a cookbook to boil water. No, really! I've seen her do it...."lessee, get a pan, pour in three cups of water, put on stove, medium high heat till bubbles rise to surface."

As for the rotisserie, Steve and I got one for Christmas last year, used it three times, it now sits high above the cabinets waiting to be re-gifted.

I cook way better chicken than that piece of buzumblerosker.
And Steve roests better

boneman said...


That's supposed to say roAsts....

my danged fingers are too big fer these confounded keys!

Then, I suppose it's better to have fat fingers instead of a fathead,

If only we could find a fathead to help us compare....
I know! We could go to FATHEAD.Blog!
(doubt it)