Sunday, July 15, 2012

Japanese Pens, Erasers and other Cool Stuff

In my never ending quest to find cool pens, paper, pencils, office supplies and such, I found the motherland!

One night I decided I needed to find one of my all time favorite pens, the Pentel Tradio Stylo Fountain Pen.  I had owned one years ago, drained the pen dry and cried myself to sleep for nights and nights after.  I never was able to find that pen in stores again.  But I never forgot it.  Knowing I'm not alone in my obsession over pens and office supplies, I set out on a quest to find my beloved Tradio pen online.

I googled the pen name ...and guess what I found?  JetPens!!  My life has never been the same!  Finally I found my kindred spirit!  A website for people who love pens, office supplies, erasers, etc., as much as me!!!  What I discovered was much more than just my beloved Pentel Tradio pen, I found they offered all kinds of cool Japanese pens, erasers and supplies for artists, illustrators and aficionados like me!

I started following JetPens on Facebook and Twitter and began reading their blog, all in a quest to try and stay current on what they were offering and what was new and hot!  One day, my dream came true!  They offered their readers a chance to review a product offered on their site and write a review on my very own blog about it!!  So of course, you know I signed up!!

GUESS WHAT!  I got the chance to write a review!!!!   I received the CUTEST little Iwako Elephant eraser.   He's so cute and happy and makes me (and everyone around me) smile.  Just look at his cute little face!!  You can buy just the elephant or you can buy a menagerie of Zoo animals!  These are some of the cutest Japanese erasers I've come across.   Some of the other erasers Iwako offers are sushi erasers, donut erasers, bento box erasers!  They are too cute!  I know there are a lot of kids who collect erasers.  This is THE place to get unusual, unique erasers normally only found in Japan!

If you're searching for some of the best art supplies from Japan, JetPens is your source!  I've spent a ton of money with JetPens, mainly because they offer unique and unusual pens - and hard to find Japanese supplies - without having to pay expensive shipping costs from Japan!   In fact, if you spend $25.00 - you get free shipping from JetPens - and you know I always spend at least $25 bucks!

Some of the Japanese brands they offer are Saki, Kuretake, Akashiya, and Tachikawa.

Get over to JetPens now for everything a pen addict craves!

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Rebecca Liming said...


I've had to post this three times because of my HP equipment--not on the cutting edge. So here we go again.

I feel you pain. I LOVE fountain pens, but they leak. I would love to carry one with me everywhere with BLUE ink, but it would leak. However, there was a really cool one in an aluminum case on the JetPens site.

You will know I have given in when I sign my charge slip at Greek's using a really cool aluminum fountain pen!