Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking Nerd to a Whole New Level

Here it is! The hottest gift for the 2010 Holiday Season. I can see you now, fighting some old lady for the last iArm in Best Buy, camping out in front of Target on Black Friday eve, hoping to race the crowd to the iArm display.

How quick are you going to run out and get your iArm forearm mount? Yeah, me either.

Can you imagine needing all 3 of your remote controls so bad that you have to attach them to your arm? How about your ipad or Kindle? Can't live without it? Well just mount up, baby, and strap it to your arm!

Ohhhhh heck no, you won't look completely ridiculous and stupid. Everyone wants one of these things! (keep telling yourself that)

Ah now, don't get your pocket protectors in a wad, my dear geeks, this is just a prank!!! It's a fake. It doesn't really exist. It's just a gift box, nothing inside - just a joke box to fool your family & friends. For that split second, make your gift recipient think they've received the "gift of the season!!"

I know, I know, you really did want one, didn't you? I'm sorry.

Here's a kleenix to wipe your tears.

1 comment:

Mama Cross said...

I thought I saw an "abuse" button at the top of your blog. I was about to click it so I could abuse you, but then I realized I was mistaken.

This would be the perfect gift for my husband and my geeky son. How disappointing it's only an illusion.