Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Some day I'll have an uber cool, ultra modern, sleek house and when I do, I'm so going to have this fireplace! It burns ethanol fuel, doesn't create soot or smoke and doesn't need a chimney. In other words, it ROCKS!

Until then, you'll find me here in Westfield...sigh.


boneman said...

like the very essence of energy, dear.

Energy is neither destroyed or lost, so, there must be a result from the changing of ethanol to heat.

On the other hand, the appearance of fire is all you need, so, there must be a new TV in your future, eh?

Andrea said...

New TV?

You know I'm obsessed with flames.

You burnin' wood yet? I need to come out there and get some hot cross buns!

Bitzky77 said...

Whoa. Nice item.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what is up with this obsession with FIRE? You,B, & Livie.
Now that we have a so called pit that is all they want to do is start a fire especially when B gets delivery for the businesss.


Olive_12 said...

I haven't been recently.

boneman said...

Fire on and rolling.
Steve was reluctant, "Before the first of NOVEMBER?!"
but, dang.
The plants came in and were begging for heat, too, so....

alli-gal said...

That is SOOOOOOOOO cool!!!!

Bitzky77 said...

Dang, you find the best new stuff.