Friday, September 11, 2009

Practicing Food Stylist Photography


boneman said...

and, boy oh boy! If you think the burger is greasy, you should see the oil they put on it for photos!

One company (please don't make me go look it up) actually encases some of their product in varnish. Now, while that doesn't stop mold, it keeps the shine on for a few days to get really difficult shots done.

alli-gal said...

I've never been to Culver's but I might have to check it out from the looks of that burger!!!

boneman said...

Just had a chance to go to one, today, and went!
Good burgers, great fries, friendly people.

Still, I'm glad they didn't give me the burger with the varnish on it.
(That probably wasn't Culver's, anyway)

Bitzky77 said...

First of all, it looks mighty tasty. Here's my photo opinion:

Burger shot is great! Great depth of field. Good composition.

The salad is very well composed. I could see some text over the salad shot, like in a commercial!