Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Y'all! Already! Seems like it was just spring. Oh well, time flies, right?

So in traditional style, my dear sweetheart decked our house out in Halloween madness. He's started making gravestones with sayings on them that mean nothing to other people but crack us up! They are either sayings from movies that we constantly repeat or snippets from commercials that drive us nuts...or something. He plants these little styrofoam gravestones in our front yard every year and usually adds at least one a year. Here's this years display. Of course he used the phrase I really want on my gravestone... "I told you I was sick" (SHooks, you said you'd make sure it got on there, I'm holdin you to it!)

This year he decided to put a scary skeleton guy on our porch too. We named him Skullie. He was actually a very friendly guy, but he scared the crap out of most little kids. Notice the strategically placed fake rubber spider on the doorbell! Hehehe! There are rubber spiders and cock roaches all over our porch (as you can see all around Skullie on the floor).

Every year, he hangs spiders from the ceiling of our porch - - at just about head level for various heights. He hangs them from invisible thread that he uses in magic so no one sees them until it hits them in the face. He usually hangs thread too so it feels like spider webs as you walk up on the porch. Moooowahahaha! Classic!! It's a flippin riot!

If that wasn't bad enough, we also put a head in a kettle. I mean, what the heck. Why not? There aren't many occasions where you can put a head in a kettle, so you have to take advantage of those times when they come up, right? This guy doesn't have a name, but he's got a slammin purple pirate scarf, a bulging eye that we added and a gold tooth!

Well you all know my dearest husband. He doesn't do anything just half way. He usually takes everything to a new level (or low, I don't know which). So we had yellow tape, plastic pictures of skeletons and coffins and a bunch of heads hanging on our porch. Here's what the final product looked like.Now let's talk about the trick or treaters. We always have the 18 year old men showing up in something that's barely considered a costume. Ok we give em candy anyway. They're having fun, right? We have tons of little kids and some parents that get into the action too. We secretly hold a "Best Costume" contest and this year we decided to snap a pic of the best costume. Don't know who this kid is, but she won our contest! Extra candy for her!!

I had to save the best for last though (and sorry no pics of this one). We had some 35 year old South American woman show up with this big ol mass of kids. She stood in the back, was in costume and patiently waited for all the kids to leave, then in a really sneaky and weird way, she slinked up on our porch and said, "Tlikc er Tleat". We were like..."uh, ok."

So the night progresses and 10,000 more kids have hit us up for free candy. I'm at the door dishing out candy to a big ol crowd of kids and guess who shows up again.

You guessed ... Tlick er Tleat! I spotted her at the back of this flock of kids and thought surely not. I know she's not going to come up here again. Throwing all shame to the wind, in the same freakin weird way, here she came, this time with a smile on her face and said in her tiny little voice, "Tlick er Tleat". I glared at her in my 'don't even think about coming back a 3rd time' kind of way. Now I wish she would have come just one more time so I could have snapped of pic to share with all of you. DARN! Guess there's always next year!

P.S. Halloween is over. So, does this mean the Christmas season has officially begun?


enN2sp said...

Not until Noveber 12th it's in the middle of the month.

It's to soon and I still need idea's for gift's.

Bitzky77 said...

You can't forget Thanksgiving!

Excellent decor, btw.

*Jen* said...

The head on a platter is hilarious! I saw that as an idea when I was searching for costumes on the internet. Thought abotu going as that and Chad could be the waiter. Be sure to check out my blog for pictures.

alli-gal said...

Yep....the head on a platter is awesome!!!!!

Your decorations looked great!! I can't believe the "tlick er tleat" lady had the nerve to come back....some people!!!!

ANNA-LYS said...


Congratulations USA!


s-hooks said...

LOL! tlick or tleat!