Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 20, 2008
Ellie's First Birthday Party

The party was at 6 o'clock, so Pop and I went over to Kellie and Brian's earlier in the afternoon and hung out for a while. We gave Ellie her presents there (a Dora couch and a giant Hello Kitty) so she could see them and play with them. We knew they would just get lost in the shuffle at the party.

Rich made a video of Ellie's life. The video started 2 weeks before Ellie was born when he and I went to their house to take pics of Kellie while she was pregnant. We watched the video with them before we took it to the party. As you can see from below, Ellie was into it too! We took the video to the party and played it on a continuous loop so everyone got to see her grow up before their very eyes all over again!

One of Kellie's relatives got a clubhouse at an apartment complex for us for the party. She knew the manager and they let us use the facility for free! Lots of Ellie's cousins were there so she was running around having tons of fun.

Time for cake!! Ellie's party theme was cupcakes. So she had a big cupcake on top of her birthday cake. She also had her own separate cupcake to eat all by herself!! YUMMO!

She wasn't too sure about that cake thing! She hasn't ever had that much sugar, while we've never known her to turn down food, she didn't dive into it. She wasn't all that thrilled about being so messy.

We couldn't keep the paparazzi away when she was eating her cake!

Ellie has lots of cousins. Right now she doesn't know how lucky she is to have so many cousins to hang out with and grow up with. She may not know it now, but these are some of the relationships she will treasure as she gets older.

Present time! Ellie's party was huge, over 50 people came!! She got lots and lots of presents!

The party started to wind down, people started to get their stuff ready to go. Everyone had a great time and left with a big smile on their face!!


alli-gal said...

Let me guess........the smiley faces came from your man. I think I still have one from the grab bags.....GOOD STUFF!!!!!

I can't believe she's a year old already!!!

I love her dress!!

*Jen* said...

I love that cute dress too. I want one! You are right though. She is so lucky to have that many cousins. I always loved it that me, Allison, John and Sarah were close in age.

Bitzky77 said...

Looks like Cheech in that last photo. He should hang with Uncle Roy on Halloween this year.

Always thought that Uncle Roy looked like Chong. Really.