Friday, August 29, 2008


I know it's tough out there with gas prices out of control but if you're still feeling charitable, Grammy ran out of Kroger gift cards a few weeks ago.

She told me that it really makes a difference for her to have those and she didn't realize how much money groceries actually cost since she's had gift cards for so long.

She lives on such a tight budget, I know I couldn't go 2 weeks on what she lives on for a month, so if you can, even a small amount would help her a bunch!


Bitzky77 said...

I'll hook 'er up when I get back in town. That's awesome of you to blog about Grams. People like me would have no idea otherwise.


Andrea said...

Bit, that's awesome! I know she'd never ask and I don't want her too ever have to think or worry about money.

alli-gal said...

Im' on it too!! I still have some wedding pictures to give her, so I'll stick a gift card in with them.

I don't know how she manages. I'm glad we have our Grammy, and I'm glad that we're able and willing to help her out. Family is a beautiful thing!!!!

Thanks for the update Andrea!!!