Thursday, July 12, 2007


The other night, Richie was watching Future Cars on the Science Channel. He loves shows about flying cars and cars of the future. I watched with him and found the future car of my dreams!

It's Nido!

This little car is built for safety! There are honeycomb/accordian-like panels that protect the people in the car. They crush panel by panel absorbing most of the impact. Whoda Thunk? These little genius honeycomb things help prevent brain injuries, whiplash and other serious injuries that usually go along with car accidents. Oh, but it doesn't stop there! Nido is also built to minimize injuries to pedestrians too - should you have a problem running people down on a regular basis, that is!

I think it's a cute little car - but we all know I love the "high ride" feature of Rich's truck. Don't know if I will ever buy another "low-rider", but if I do, Nido is on the top of my list.

Check out some of their other prototype cars:

Do you think they will offer it in pink?

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boneman said...

One of the dealerships is bringing in a few "smart cars" this month, but, only for test driving purposes and putting in orders.

Andy Rooney (from 60 Minutes) test drove one, and said it took a bit to get used to, but after that, he had fun.

And yet....
seems to me I asked both of y'all about a smaller car and y'all were pretty sure that "riding high" was what y'all were about.

Heck, I would be, too, 'cept fer the price of gas in them big ol' boats.