Friday, June 22, 2007

Did ya hear? Bob Evans died.

Rich loves Bob Evans biscuits and gravy. Whenever he leaves work to go there he always says, "I've got a meeting with Bob, be back later."

We love you Bob and we'll miss you! Thanks for making such great sausage!


alli-gal said...

Oh...that's sad.

Good ol' Bob sure did inspire some godd eatin' didn't he?

I remember going there all the time with Grammy and Sissy when I was a kid.

enN2sp said...

TapeEar LOVES going there.
The only time we go is with my parents when a member of my mom's family comes to visit from Texas.

B doesn't like going there.

MAYBE before the summer is over and the girls come stay with you again, you all could go there.

s-hooks said...

Down on the farm.

boneman said...

It speaks well that Rich likes ol' Bob, cause I heard they was gonna start makin' sausage out'a him and spread it out all over the USA

boneman said...

Bob Evans! Down on the farm home-cookin'!

Yup, Indiana gets his right arm and part of his left foot t'mix into the sausage this week.