Saturday, April 07, 2007

Operation Gift Cards for Grammy
Emergency Fund

Don't know if you guys know this or not, but Grammy is running pretty low on money. She had to pay her homeowner's insurance this month and next month she's got to pay her property taxes. Mom said after both of those expenses are taken out she won't have any money left to live on. I guess her annuity is getting pretty low on cash too - and that's all the money she's got left to her name.
Just because she's got a nice home and wears nice clothes doesn't really reflect what's going on in her life. Any little thing we can do to help her, makes a big difference in her life.
She'd never tell us about this shortage of money - but it's real. Grammy always minimizes her situation - she doesn't want to be a burden on any of us, but she needs our help. So anything we can do to help her, makes a HUGE difference.

I know there's not an occassion here to present her with a gift but I thought if any of you had a few extra dollars, maybe you'd buy her a gift card from Kroger or someplace to eat.
She'll appreciate it more than you'll ever know.


enN2sp said...

From "The" K-Mart or Target for house hold products would be GREAT also.

When I go back to work after spring break that Tuesday I'm getting paid so Grammy will have somethin'

alli-gal said...'s time to step up for Grammy. I know we all have our own struggles, but it would kill me to know that I went out and had a few drinks and Grammy couldn't pay for her medicine or something. She'll probably throw a fit, but I think we should all make it a regualr thing, if we can of course, to send her some money or gift cards at least once a month.

Maybe we could get it to where between us she could get a gift card at least once a week. Even if it's only ten bucks at a time, it will make a differecne!!!

I'm going to Kroger right now!!

Anonymous said...

Jill Anne said...Just so you cousins know, Sissy, Jan and I have been helping Grammy every month (regularly) for a year now! We plan to continue that and "step" it up when she has big bills come due! She's worth it!!

Jen said...

I will be sure to get her a gift card to Kroger as well. I know that is probably what she needs the most.

It might also be nice for us to get her gift cards to places we frequent for lunch.

I know that we all have our own financial problems, but $25 a month won't kill us. We all have jobs and can always make more money. It's not the same for Grammy.


alli-gal said...

I've known for a long time that the "Aunts" have been helping Grammy. i guess I just didn't realize the extent of it.

Isn't it awesome to have a family like ours? When it comes down to it, we will always have eachother to turn to. i know I would do anything for any of you. Our family ROCKS!!!!


Andrea said...

My mom and dad are looking at houses now. I'd love it if Grammy could move in with them. She seems like she's scared there at night by herself. She's made several comments to me about it.

So everyone please pray that mom and dad can find a nice home so Grammy can live with them.

Andrea said...

OH! Another thing Grammy told me she broke a big chunk out of a molar tooth. She's scared to death she'll need a root canal and crown. That's more than a $1000.00 there. Poor Grammy, I wish she didn't have to worry as much as she does. The amazing thing is you'd never know she worries so much by talking to her or looking at her.

I try to give Grammy a gift card everytime I see her. April and May birthday's squeeze my wallet pretty tight, so I haven't been able to give her as much as I normally do.

She'd die if she knew I told you all this so we have to do it on a covert mission.

Thank you to all you cousin's and Aunt's we WILL make a difference for her and she never needs to know why.

alli-gal said...

I think it would be awesome if Grammy could live with Sissy and Uncle Dale. I worry about Grammy being alone at night.