Sunday, October 22, 2006

Went out to Bo's yesterday, he wasn't there....but the dogs were happy to see us. Especially my good ol Tugger boy. He sat when I told him to and waited patiently for me to give him some love. I love that ol boy Tuggers. He's a big black lab looking dog. He's sturdy as he can be and a sweetheart of a pup. Guess I better take a picture of him sometime.

Anyway, it was a pretty fall day so I snapped a few pictures. Here they are.

I call this one "Nesting Among Berries" - but they are actually crabapples I think.

And, "Ready for Harvest"


s-hooks said...

I love "Nesting Among Berries." Well, I love them both. And, as always, I'm having a bout of camera envy.

Andrea said...

Ah! You better ask Santa for a new camera!!!

allison said...

You know this little Hoosier girl likes the corn!!!!