Saturday, July 29, 2006

Do you love squishing the little bubbles on bubble wrap? Love the sound? Feel like you don't get to do it often enough?

I have the answer! Virtual Bubble Wrap Bursting!!!!

Check it out my bubble wrap bursting buds!


allison said...

Oh my gosh, I'm totally addicted!!! I hit the "manic mode" and went absolutely nuts...I'm leaving it minimized for all the other nuts I work with to pull up whenever we're feeling a little crazy!!!

enN2sp said...

I just LOVE bubble wrap!!!

I will have to put it on the kids’ computer at school.

We use it at school for our kids that like to hit. They jump on it to get their aggressions out.

enN2sp said...

TapeEar couldn't STOP!!!
I had to stop her from popping. SHE WAS in manic mode and LOUD, she turned up the volume.
It was nicer to hear it real loud. But, it scared Sohpie out of the room.

allison said...