Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mother's Day is around the corner. What's everyone getting for their mothers?

I think I'm going to give mom a Stainless Steel Stock pot and some flowers to plant around her house. She needs something to do in her newly retired stage of life, planting flowers sounds like fun!

Should we do another "get Grammy Kroger gift certificates" cousin combo? I'll probably get her some, plus Rosie and I will do the traditional planting of her flowers in the front planter on Sunday......Rosie - get your gardenin' gloves out - we got diggin to do! Here's a shout out to all cousins....Hey anyone's welcome to come dig in the dirt with us! :-)

Hope to see you all on Sunday.



enN2sp said...

I'm Ready but it suppose to rain. We can plant in the Rain, it wont hurt us non.

I need ideas for my mom. She said she wants money BUT it will just end up paying for her credit card then she wont have anything.

Give me some ideas people!!

Andrea said...

Your mom loves to cook - or at least she cooks alot. How about getting her some cool cooking utensils? I love cool cooking utensils and heck, I never cook! Or how about something like a new nightgown and robe? Maybe some new shoes?

What does she love that she never buys for herself?

enN2sp said...

I don't know.

She never woked, dad always gave her money for what ever she needed.

If she really truly needed something now Irma would get for her if she had the money.

I usually get her a night gown or PJ's for Christmas silky and flannel, she gets her own shoes she's picky about style,look,feel and fit.

She already has her flowers, she and Irma planted a few weeks ago.

boneman said...

Are ya diggin? What? Did ya bonk ol' Rich in the head real hard and now ya gotta get him buried?
No matter what they say,....bodies don't really do roses any good.

Aren't the neighbors gonna notice if'n we're out there digging a big ol' hole?