Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hey folks, it's been a crAAAAAzy week for me. We got back from Vegas and Kellie's wedding, so here are some pics of the event! Also, finishing up work at RLS and preparing to move on to my new job!!! SCARY but exciting too.

Nothing says Vegas like WAYNE NEWTON

I took this picture of Kellie and thought it turned out great!

Got Kellie this cute little Flamingo ring in one of the gift shops at the Flamingo where we all stayed and where they got married

Put Kellie's shawl on Brian and Brian's jacket on Kellie on the walk back from dinner after the wedding.

I call this one Glow Worm Kellie - she's standing on one of the lights that shines up the trees outside one of the hotels.


Rosie said...

Great Pic's.

Good Luck on the New Job!!

Wayne Is an Elvis want to be. The only song I like that he sings is Danka shane.

boneman said...

Ya know, I've heard of folks being a little light headed, but this?....

s-hooks said...

I like the glowing skirt picture!! I also saw one that Sissy had. It was of her sitting on the floor with her dress all spread out. That one is my favorite. You did a good job! I love your camera too.

allison said...

good pics Andrea!!!

Tell Kellie congrats from the family.....I'm glad you guys got to be there for the wedding!!!