Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Girls, have you ever bought lip gloss only to find out the taste totally grossed you out? Don't you hate it when your lip gloss feels like wax on your lips?

The lip gloss that changed my life!

GLOW BABY GLOW Hook Up Lip Gloss - from AVON
This is the best lip gloss I've ever had.

It comes in a variety of colors and isn't it convenient that Sarah is an Avon lady?

Have you seen my lips lately? Are they dry? Chapped? NOPE! All thanks to Glow Baby Glow!

Get yours today!


Anonymous said...

What that a commercial? a break in the blog? That was good!!! To bad we couldn't hear it.

Rosie said...

the annonymous was me Rosie. I don't know why it did that.

allison said...

So does this mean that our lawsuit against the lip gloss "people" is off? I vaguely remember discussing the fact that lip gloss just dries your lips out which makes it necessary to use more and more of their products......

Andrea said...

OH! I'm still looking for an attorney who will help with my lipstick/lip gloss lawsuit.

I asked a friend’s husband (he's an attorney) and he said unless I can prove damages - forget it. I still think I have a case.

I swear I'm addicted to it. The more I apply, the more I need to apply.

I'm convinced lipstick manufacturers use a drying agent in their products which forces us to use more -ergo- (we don't get to say ergo enough do we?) they make more money.

It's as bad as nicotine if you ask me...and most of the lip glosses/sticks I use cost way more than cigarettes.

s-hooks said...

Love it!!