Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Does anyone remember that vanilla ice cream flavored gum they used to sell? It came in a white package and I think it had blue letters on it (right Rosie)?

I remember buying it at Woodys, when Woody's was in a little converted house on the corner of Dixon and Sycamore. Most of you may be too young to remember when Woody's was there.

Man that stuff was good! Real good! I think they had root beer and chocolate ice cream flavored. Maybe strawberry ice cream flavored.

I want it.
I want it now.
No, right now.


Rosie said...

Look on www.stupid.com they carry all kinds of candy form the 70's and earlyer years.

Kim said...

I was just searching for the same gum! The kind I had was by Adams and they had chocolate,strawberry, and vanilla ice cream gum YUMMMM ! I wish they still made it.


Kim said...

When I was little my dad used to buy me ice cream flavored gum. It was made by Adams and came in chocolate,strawberry,and vanilla. I wish they still made it ! YUMMMMM