Friday, July 01, 2005

What's up with open toe season?

Ok maybe I'm just not a foot person or something but why is it in the summer, the people with the most hideous feet feel they must wear open toe shoes?

Don't you hate it when you see some worn down pair of sandals, feet hanging off one side and their ugly ol cracked heel sticking out the back? Or worse yet, the sandal is a size too small so their toes flood over the edge. Don't these folks have eyes?

People if you have to wonder "are my feet cute?" I got news for ya....THEY AREN'T!

Anti-ugly feet people stand up and shout AMEN!


s-hooks said...

Amen, sister!! How about these long curly toenail people?! Ugh!!! Grab a pair of clippers please!!! Or better yet, put on some tennis shoes and spare us! My sister-in-law kept touching me with her nasty ol feet last night and i almost barfed a little...i had to bribe her to get her to stop!

Rosie said...

I feel sorry for some of my kids who wear sandels. Their poor little toes stick out the front and mom and dad act like it okay but if their toes were hanging out they wouldn't like it.